I realize I now write more about Carlos Rogers than any actual D.C. athletes, but this is serious, everyone. I mean, I walked into the official bar of the Washington Post Sports Section on Monday night, and the official bartender of the Washington Post Sports Section almost immediately started talking about Carlos Rogers’s eyes. Really.

So here’s the deal. None of the published stories lauding Rogers’s amazing pass-catching improvement in San Francisco have said a word about his eyes. Like, here’s the latest, from USA Today, which actually takes the time to mock me:

Last season in Washington, the message board Extremeskins.com conducted a poll: “Can Carlos Rogers catch a cold?” The vote was near unanimous for immunity. Blogger Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post described Rogers’ hands as “waffle irons” attached to his wrists.

So how about those hands in light of the two interceptions Rogers had off Eli Manning Sunday in a 27-20 win over the New York Giants?

“They’re always the same. ... I didn’t get any surgery done to them. I’m just concentrating catching the ball. That’s about it,” says Rogers.

Clearly, Rogers had an opportunity here to mention an offseason eye exam, and did not do so. And clearly, this is the kind of thing reporters would LOVE to write stories about.

So, did it happen? I have no idea. But former teammate Phillip Daniels keeps saying it did, including during a Monday radio appearance with Chad Dukes and Danny Rouhier.


“It’s something I heard from several sources. The thing is, I mentioned it to several coaches way back. The first few years he was here and he was having trouble catching the ball, I think I mentioned it to Gregg Williams and I mentioned something to the training staff. I was telling them he needed to get his eyes checked, because we had a guy in Seattle named Fred Thomas who had the same situation, missing a lot of balls.

“So I suggested it and everybody just brushed it off, nobody would listen to me. So he goes to the 49ers, they get his eyes checked, and I’m hearing he’s wearing contact lenses, and that’s the reason he’s doing so well. And a lot of people say, well, why do they have to pay for Carlos Rogers to get his eyes checked? And I keep telling them, most guys don’t realize, they don’t believe that something’s wrong with them. They feel like they’re fine, my eyes are just perfect, I’m doing everything else, why would I go get my eyes checked?

“As a team, you have to really just take that guy to get them checked, to thoroughly get them checked. Several people said that’s what happened.”

Just seems so hard to believe. But Phillip Daniels could crush my skull, so I guess I ought to believe him.