The news that Carlos Rogers would not return to the Redskins for the 2011 season was neither surprising nor upsetting for most Redskins fans I know.

But it was significant in at least one way: Rogers was the last defensive player remaining from the last Redskins team that won a playoff game.

That would be the 2005 Joe Gibbs squad that beat the Buccaneers before losing to the Seahawks. Last year, if I’m reading the playoff roster correctly, there were seven players from that team still with the Redskins, but four have left over the last few months: Clinton Portis, Casey Rabach, Phil Daniels and now Rogers.

That leaves one final trio of holdovers, all of whom play on the offensive side: Chris Cooley, Santana Moss and Mike Sellers.

And I don’t write this as a positive or negative thing; it’s just a thing. Players move on in all sports, and rosters turn over like mad in the NFL. Still, it shows that virtually none of the current players have known Washington successs.

But this isn’t a time for morbid reflections on the length of NFL careers or of Washington’s playoff drought. This is a time for watching videos of Carlos Rogers dropping would-be interceptions. There are a few to choose from.

(Video help from @jgeiser90.)