(Cliff Owen/AP)

Like, remember this item from Washingtonian’s Carol Joynt, back in late January.

Washington Redskins president of operations Dennis Greene was overheard telling people at a Washington Economic Club luncheon today that a new quarterback has been chosen, “and fans will be elated.” Greene said the mystery player’s name won’t be revealed until April, when the NFL draft occurs.

I mean, hahahahahahahahahaha what’s that Bruce Allen said after the trade happened?

“When you know what you’re going to get with your first pick in the draft, it gives you great comfort,” he said. “It allows us to execute the game plan that quite frankly we developed in early January.”

Oh. Right.

Anyhow, let me instead make fun of “Rodskins” the pastor/volleyball parent/Fan Blogger who talked to Jim Haslett in early February. Among Haslett’s insights:

* The Redskins were “strongly considering trading up with St. Louis Rams. He said they have already talked with Jeff Fisher about the possibility. He did not elaborate on the details, other than to say they had talked with Fisher and are serious about getting a good QB.”

* And also, “Rex Grossman might remain as backup.”

So yeah. Also, Mike Holmgren recently said the Browns offered as much to the Rams as the Redskins, but “I think there are reasons that I can’t go into right now, but there is a very close relationship between the people getting the deal done and the people who offered.”

Like, maybe by early February the people getting the deal done and the people who offered had already been in touch, as the defensive coordinator told the pastor in the hotel lobby during the volleyball tournament.

And so, well done, Carol Joynt and Rodskins. And let me know who the Skins are looking at in the later rounds of the draft, please.