(Bob Leverone/AP)

“We’re definitely clowning on Atlanta and Miami and Jacksonville,” Steve Czaban told me. “We’ve got some chumps below us.”

“What distinguishes [Washington fans] from some of the Sunbelt fans is there’s more apathy associated with fans of some of the cities in southern tier,” Stan Kasten added. “And you don’t really have that with Washington fans. “

Anyhow, after years of stories about Philly fan invasions and Pittsburgh fan invasions and Buffalo fan invasions and Detroit fan invasions, it’s nice to see people in other cities expressing grave concern about the marauding number of...Washington fans!!!!! We’re taking over! We’re converting your children! The Charlotte Observer investigates:

“You don't want to have a bunch of maroon fans in the stands,” tackle Jordan Gross said of last Sunday’s largely burgundy crowd.

“It was a pretty raucous crowd with a lot of Redskins fans in the crowd,” Panthers Coach Ron Rivera told the paper. “We want to look up and see a sea of blue.”

“We’re going to reclaim this stadium,” defensive coordinator Sean McDermott said. “That’s what we're going to do. That’s one of our missions.”

I see this as potentially one giant game of pass-it-on. Washington papers and players can lament Philly invasions. Charlotte papers and players can lament D.C. invasions. Atlanta papers and players can lament Charlotte invasions. Jacksonville papers and players can lament Atlanta invasions. And eventually, some paper in Key West will launch a multi-day project exploring why Naples is such a superior sports town.

“After years of getting so much flak for the number of Cowboys, Eagles, and Steelers jerseys present for home games at FedEx, it really warmed my heart to see Skins fans do the same to another team,” a poster on Extreme Skins wrote. “Despite all the self flagellation here, we undoubtedly THE BEST fanbase in the entire NFL! Do you think Eagles, Steelers, Cowboys, or Giants fans would travel in the numbers they do if their franchises had sucked for the past 20 years?... If last Sunday is any indication, you can imagine what would happen if the Skins go on a Patriots like run of Super Bowls in the next 10 years? Holy crap, it would be tough for home team fans to get tickets whenever the Skins came to town.”