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Chad Ford

The ESPN insider person fielded a question on the Wizards during his chat on Wednesday. Apparently, he believes McGee, Blatche, Lewis, Saunders and Grunfeld must go.

Colin (Atl): I know the Wizards are terrible. Is it realistic for me to hope that they keep starting Booker and Singleton, get rid of Blatche and Rashard Lewis, and draft a SG who believes that passing is a viable option?

Chad Ford: I think that’s the blueprint. Vesely is in that equation somewhere. He has a lot of talent. Trading JaVale McGee may have to be in there too. He’s crazy talented, but a knucklehead. New coach and new management are also going to have to be part of the equation.

Other than that, though, things are swell.

Jack Kogod

The longtime Wizard fan and blogger and Washingtonian writer says that Blatche must go.

The Wizards are not going to win with Blatche in the starting lineup. They’re not going to win with him coming off of the bench....He’s also the team’s second-highest-paid player, and self-described captain. He expects to play big minutes, and the less he does, the more of a malcontent he’ll become. That’s why Grunfeld needs to trade him now. Trade him for pennies on the dollar if you can get it. The team can hardly afford to lose one of the few scorers they have, but they’ll be better off in the long run. Development and progress are the keys to this season. Andray Blatche is just going to get in the way.

Blatche doesn’t seem to be getting more popular, near as I can tell. Like, Sidney Crosby is probably more popular in D.C. right now, and that’s not a joke. People feel sorry for Crosby.

Joe House

Like, longtime longtime Wiz fan Joe House also just took Blatche apart for Grantland.com.

I have been consuming Washington sports for nearly four decades; I can’t remember any other local athlete receiving more open hostility from Washington fans. Yes, this includes Fat Albert Haynesworth. ‘Dray may be a perfectly decent guy who has the bad luck of immediate and very public disclosure of all of his self-defeating decisions. But he’s worn out his welcome here. And then some. He needs to leave. This ain’t the wicked pixels talking. Andray Blatche needs to go.

“This ain’t the wicked pixels talking” needs to go on my business card.

Mark Deeks

The Basketball Jones blogger has perhaps the saddest take of all.

Flip Saunders will likely be the fall guy before the year is out, because someone has to be. But he’s trying, moreso than his players. You can’t teach a team that won’t listen. Washington’s offense is built around a point guard who can’t shoot, a shooting guard who won’t stop shooting, and a big man who shoots whatever he wants before blaming others for it on Twitter. All this is complimented by a defense that just doesn’t understand fundamental defensive positioning, nor that seems to want to try. In stockpiling assets and loading up on potential, all the Wizards have done is create a cast of misfits. Misfits who, for the most part, play as though they are in it only for themselves.