Charles Barkley: “We call them the Generals, Ernie.” 

Kenny Smith: “I just want to know when I can start the music, Ernie.”

Ernie Johnson: “You could cue the music in the third quarter, when Phoenix outscored them, 32-13.”

All: [Whistle Harlem Globetrotters music]

Smith: “Man, Darrell Walker is rolling over.”

Johnson: “Kevin Loughery , man.”

Barkley: “Struggling like black folks in the ‘60s....And then it annoys me, because they’ve got great uniforms.”

Shaq: “Bernard King, Albert King rolling over.” 

Smith: “I’m just waiting for the bucket with the confetti to come out one night, man. I just cannot wait for that night.”

Barkley: “Hey, every time I see them play, I’ve been looking for Meadowlark Lemon.”

Smith “Shout out to Curly Neal, who I ran into on the plane the other day.”

Barkley: “Hey man, Meadowlark Lemon is the greatest guy in the world. He couldn’t go out there with them. Curly Neal’s a good dude. Meadowlark Lemon, please come out of the stands one day and play with the Wizards.”

That would be a new tradition.

(Via @JBTeller. McGee image via Deadspin, which has video of his unfortunate incident.)