(John McDonnell - TWP)

“Number one, I liked RGIII,” the Skins former GM told ESPN 980’s Sports Fix this week. “Number two, I don’t think it was close with Luck. If I had 10 votes, it’d be 10 for Luck and none for RGIII. To me, it was a clear difference between the two of them. However, I liked RGIII.”

The difference, according to Casserly, was largely based on the schemes the two quarterbacks used in college.

“It’s kind of like Luck had already got the Master’s Degree; this guy was still going to college and trying to finish up,” Casserly said. “Luck was ahead of him as far as the experience in the pro game. There was such a wide difference there, that’s why Luck had to be ahead of him.”

Still, Casserly said he would have made the same deal the Redskins made to trade up for Griffin.

“Where you are at this point in time, I think it was a move you had to make,” Casserly said. “Is it a gamble? Sure it’s a gamble. But sometimes you have to do those things.”