Charlie Davies hinted to several reporters before Saturday night’s meeting with Houston that if he scored on the night of his 25th birthday, he would provide a worthy celebration, possibly with the assistance of Andy Najar.

Well, Davies scored (with the assistance of Najar) and danced (with the assistance of Najar). Problem is, United allowed a late equalizer, which left everyone in a grumpy mode, severely limiting the amount of post-match celebration analysis. All we learned, to the best of my knowledge, is that the group celebration was known as the “Honduras Bicycle Dance.”

But that’s problematic, too. Because if you Google “Honduras Bicycle Dance,” you get nothing outside of match reports from Saturday’s United game. Ditto for “Honduran Bicycle Dance.” So, uh, does anyone know what this is? Is it real? Is it imagined? Was it a weird summer RFK dream?

Regardless, the play-by-play follows, via here and here.

And I still have no idea why this was a Honduras Bicycle Dance. But it’s good stuff, anyhow.