(D.C. United)

Davies reached new heights on Saturday, when he scored a late equalizer on a penalty kick against the Galaxy. I’ll let Steve Goff narrate what happened next:

To celebrate, Davies leapt onto an advertising platform behind the net and attempted to open the driver’s side door of a locked car on display.

Well jeez, Goff, way to deny VW its moment in the celebratory sun. I mean, if I’m VW, I’m sending at least a toy Jetta to Davies’s home address this week. Here’s how Davies described the moment to the team’s Web site:

“[I was] definitely trying to get in the car. It was locked. On Friday during training I was able to run over there and check if the car was open, and it was open, so I planned for the team to get in the car. And as soon as I got over there I saw it was locked, so I was like hmm, all right, improvise.”

(Images via here, here and here.)