The latest example: his response on Tuesday’s LaVar and Dukes show, when he was asked how he came to take that penalty kick during Saturday’s season-opening win over Columbus.

“I mean, LaVar, you know this as well as anyone: when you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone,” Davies said. “And when you feel that there’s nothing that’s gonna come in between you and that ball getting in the goal, that you’re taking that ball and that you’re gonna take that kick, and everyone sees that — they see that in your eyes and they see that in your face and your determination and the way you’re telling them — they’re gonna give you that ball without hesitation.

“And so the captain of our team, Dax [McCarty], he walked over to me and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m taking this.’ And he looked at me and he said, ‘You know, we trust in you, here’s the ball,’ and he gave me the ball. And that was that.

“And when you have that, that says it all about the team and how they want me to succeed. They want me to be successful, and they’re behind me. And when you have a team like that, there’s no way you can fail, because the confidence was just flowing out of me when he gave me that ball.”

Sounds to me like it’s still flowing.