Remember, here’s what he said in February when I asked if the Stanky Leg would return.

“I’m gonna have to pull that out at least one time. for sure,” he told me. “I feel like it could have been [overplayed], but I feel like after this accident, people just haven’t seen it in a while, and it needs to be seen. It just has to be. I think it’s like a statement.”

So, uh, what’s the statement?

“I’m back,” Davies said.

But he also told me he had a few other things planned, and less remarked upon has been the fact that the Stanky Leg was actually Davies’s second celebration on Saturday night. The first? That would be the Cat Daddy. Watch it below.

Here’s how Davies explained the dancing to DCUnited.com:

“The first one was the Cat Daddy, which some fans recommended to me via Twitter. And I saw on YouTube Chris Brown doing it up, so I felt like I needed to bring it out and have some fun. And then the second one I went back to the Stanky Leg. It brings so much joy to the game, to have your team come and celebrate. Andy [Najar] was trying to get in on the Stanky Leg. I saw him practicing it while I was doing it. It was good just to have the guys come together, dance a little and enjoy the moment. I just love these guys because they’ve just accepted me into the group and want the best for me, and that showed tonight.”