These images come from last Thursday’s WRC newscast; Hernandez also did sports during the 6 p.m. show.

So, what’s the deal?

That leaves Dan Hellie, who is allowed to take some breaks. In recent weeks, the station has had Jim Vance do sports on multiple occasions. MASN’s Amber Theoharis has also done multiple guest shifts. And the list grew last week, when Hernandez was on the desk.

Comcast SportsNet and NBC, of course, are corporate cousins now, but a WRC spokesman said that had nothing to do with Hernandez’s guest spot. Chick could be back for more shifts at WRC in the future, as could other CSN anchors, but so too could Theoharis, as well as other local broadcasters.

“This is just about helping us out while we’re still looking to find the right people,” the spokesman told me. “It’s about making sure our quality doesn’t suffer when Dan can’t do it, or when we’ve got an opening.”

The spokesman said that Czarniak and Dermish’s jobs will “absolutely” both be filled, and that the station has, and is continuing, to actively interview people for the roles.