Johnson — who covered the Orioles when she first arrived in D.C. and is is currently covering the Nats — wrote on Twitter Sunday night that Hernandez will continue his work covering the Skins this fall.

“Chick will do a good job but just dont have the sexy factor hope he looks good in blonde wig,” one disappointed fan complained.

“Trust me, he looks great in heels!” Johnson responded.

If so, DeAngelo Hall will likely request that Hernandez take off the heels during interviews. (See here.)

UPDATE: After a reader pointed out that Hernandez has been the host of CSN’s game-day programs, I asked the network if he would be replaced in that role. Turns out he will continue in his role as host of Redskins Kickoff and Redskins Postgame Live on game days. The network will have other reporters on-site for news and interviews.