But then I talked to a source close to Cooley. Like, a source who shares the same DNA as Cooley. With the initials TC. Who is named Tanner. And he confirmed that Chris Cooley is actually working on an endorsement deal with Bengay. And then Cooley’s wife tweeted the above photo, with this caption:

After being on with Chad and Lavar look what the # BengayPR team sent Chris!!! :)

So there would appear to be an actual, budding relationship here, which could lead Cooley to become the most prominent D.C. athlete ever to endorse a national topical analgesic cream.

(Public-service note: Monday night is Cooley’s Rally For the Cure event. See here.)

Anyhow, here’s what Cooley told LaVar and Dukes about Bengay.

“I want to tell you a highlight of the day,” he began. “This is big for me. I did an interview with Rick Maese a couple weeks ago about my knee, and he asked me what I did to get ready for practice every day, and I said I go through a little bit of routine, and really now I just put some Bengay on it.”

(Actual quote: “Today I just rubbed some Bengay on my leg and said, ‘Let’s go do it.’ ” Back to the interview.)

“Well, we don’t really have Bengay in the locker room, but I thought that would be the easiest thing for them to understand,” Cooley continued. “Well, Bengay came calling. NOW I will be using Bengay, ]and] hopefully doing a commercial for Bengay. It’s actually funny though, kind of the reason I said that is I have my own mixture of weird little hot creams and all this stuff, and I wanted to call it Bengay, but I changed it to Coolgay. That’s what I’m using.”

Which prompted Chad Dukes to ask if Coolgay might actually become a thing.

“If I have everything to do with it and Bengay likes it, I think Coolgay is ready to emerge on the scene,” Cooley agreed. “On the forefront of medical muscle activation crèmes.”

I would like to hereby encourage any Bengay PR types to get in touch with me about whether this Coolgay thing is happening, and also to send me like 10 of those t-shirts.