Since Chris Cooley’s playful joy at Tony Romo choking begat paid media members saying Cooley was “an idiot” and “foolish,” it’s obviously time to transcribe a Cooley follow-up podcast with’s Jimmy Traina. The man is single-handedly keeping me busy during the bye week, and for that I’m ever-so-grateful.

“It’s been actually pretty funny today,” Cooley told Traina, when asked if this thing is actual personal. “I’m getting murdered, MURDERED, by Cowboys fans, which is perfectly fine with me.

“No, there’s no personal thing with Tony Romo. I do a radio show with Chad Dukes and LaVar Arrington every Monday and we joke around and we have some fun, and they kind of ask me questions. People really are surprised when I just talk like a regular person, I guess. I mean, I’m a fan of the game and I’m a guy that cheers for the Redskins. Now, if you wanted me to go on a radio show and say everything politically correct and be boring, I mean, I have no problem doing that. I obviously have the ability to do that. But we just went on and had a little bit of fun.

“They said did I like watching him choke, and yeah, of course I liked watching him choke. An the biggest [criticism] was they beat us last week. Well, obviously. But I still enjoyed that the Cowboys lost [to the Lions]. I play for the Washington Redskins. I don’t see why anyone would think that I wouldn’t enjoy that.”

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Then came the matter of the cage fight, which was obviously pure farce to begin with, unless your brain has secretly been replaced by a pumpkin, or you’re a Cowboys fan.

“It’s funny though, a lot of people on the cage match thing said that it’s not a fair fight, why wouldn’t I challenge [Jay] Ratliff or DeMarcus Ware,” Cooley said. “And then they listed weights, Tony Romo at 228 and me at 255. Well, I weighed 231 today, so I think we’re gonna make the same weight....  

“The other funny thing that I got a kick out of was how many regular fans on Twitter challenged me to a cage match. Ok, unless you’re a UFC cage fighter or a pretty good athlete, that’s not a very good challenge for you as a fan. I’m gonna win....It’s amazing to me, just to say the word cage fight and Tony Romo, how insane people get about offending beloved Tony.”

Like I said, he’s keeping me gainfully employed. If you want actual justification, here’s Cooley, when asked with whom he’d actually like to fight in a cage.

“Honestly, I don’t care, but yeah, would it be fun to have a match against someone with the Cowboys or the Eagles or the Giants? Yes, that’s what would be most reasonable,” Cooley said. No, I wouldn’t pick somebody like Ratliff, who’s gonna absolutely destroy me, because he’s 100 pounds more than me. Obviously I’m not gonna pick that....

“I don’t know, I try to have fun and I try to goof around a little bit, and I thin when things get printed, the hint of sarcasm goes away and the hint of joking goes away and it becomes like a serious challenge. And you think ‘Oh my gosh, just chill out for two seconds and laugh.’ I work in the entertainment business. I’m joking around on the radio, I’m not honestly talking trash to Tony Romo or the Cowboys.”