A few weeks back I posted a photo of Chris Cooley posing with some flag football officials after playing with his family’s Fairfax Athletics team.

Moving images, though, are more entertaining than a still, and thus, here are some videos — via NBC Washington — of Cooley starring for The Extinguishers.

Above, it’s Cooley catching a ball during what looks like a broken play and then rumbling to midfield. Hardly seems fair. You can’t really hear the fans screaming “Cooooooooooooooley,” but you can maybe imagine.

Below, Cooley shows his swim move as a rushing end, earning a sack for the good guys. Unblockable. Orakpo should definitely be worried.

If you go to the NBC Washington site, there is also video of some dude named Steve ripping an interception away from Cooley during a jump ball.