Neither of these men are on Chris Cooley’s fantasy football team. (JONATHAN ERNST/REUTERS)

In one of my two fantasy football leagues, I was smart enough to draft Fred Davis, who has been a fantasy football powerhouse thus far in 2011.

In my other fantasy football league, I was silly enough to draft Chris Cooley, who knows a lot about fantasy football but has yet to produce much in this particular season.

But Cooley, perhaps alone among Redskins regulars, actually plays fantasy football, and he’s evidently given Davis the impression that he has the fourth-year tight end on his squad. To wit, this interview from NFL Network, during which Cooley was asked about his fellow tight end.

“Fred, until I guess right now, he believes that he is my starting tight end [on my fantasy team],” Cooley said. “Any time he makes a big catch in practice, [he says] ‘fantasy guy!!!!’ I actually did try to pick him up in the first week, and I guess I have a pretty smart league and somebody had already picked him up.....

“I think everyone here is so proud of Fred,” Cooley continued. “I’m so proud of what he’s been able to do so far. But I understand what an athlete he is and what a football player and what a competitor [he is]. He’s always been a hard worker and now it’s his time to shine a little bit. And with a guy playing like this, you can’t take the ball out of his hands; he’s gonna continue to get opportunities for us.”

But the fantasy football angle was obviously more interesting than generic praise — and by the way, Cooley starts Jermichael Finley at tight end — so he was then asked which NFL players he actually has on his fantasy team.

“I should have taken Tim Hightower; he was also an early pick,” Cooley responded. “I always want to get guys I like, that I have relationships with. But I’ve played fantasy football so long that I’ve got to go in the draft order, I’ve got to look at the board and take whoever it is. I took Jamaal Charles as my first pick — I was actually the 10th pick of the draft — but that has crushed me so far this year. My other running back is Beanie Wells. That was weird playing him last week and watching him do well, but he scored some points for me.”

Right. He did. Which is weird.

“I really wasn’t happy,” Cooley said, when asked about this weirdness. “The game at the time was much more important. But when we were in the locker room after we’d won, I kind of took a little moment in and said, ‘hey, good job Beanie Wells.’ ”

Which is awesome.

In one other quotable moment, Cooley talked about Rex Grossman saying the Skins would win their division.

“I thought that was the greatest thing he could have said,” Cooley said. “It’s a little outrageous for a player to say it, but as a teammate and as a friend you fully support him. I was really proud with his confidence. We’re very confident in his ability. You don’t always want to let it out as much as we have, but you want to know your quarterback believes, you want to know everyone on your offense is a full believer in what you’re doing. And if you don’t go into a season expecting to win the division, to win the Super Bowl, then why are you there at work?”

Oh, and he also said “losing is not an option for us.”