Not long after Willie Parker made headlines for ripping the Redskins, Chris Cooley posted this on SportsBUZZ: “Good job Fast Willie.” Which led me to believe that maybe Cooley had a barrelful of response at the ready.

Then Cooley went on the radio with Mike Wise on Thursday, and I got my transcription fingers ready. Here’s Cooley, on Parker’s “The Redskins were more about partying than football” contention.

“He came in and I was like Willie, let’s go out tonight. Let’s go get some beers,” Cooley said. “That was me that he was talking about, I guess. I’ll take the blame for the whole organization on my shoulders.”

Then, unfortunately, he got serious.

“It doesn’t matter,” Cooley said. “I mean, he’s not here, he’s not a part of this team. I have nothing bad to say about Willie Parker. He was a great guy. I was impressed by him from the time he come in. Obviously Pittsburgh’s won Super Bowls. He’s been a part of a team that’s won Super Bowls, and we haven’t. It’s radio. It is what it is. I have nothing bad to say about him. I think he’s a good guy.”