I didn’t watch Friday night’s Redskins exhibition, when space aliens from Neptune evidently entered the persons of John Beck, Tim Hightower, Roy Helu Jr., several anonymous offensive linemen and a cadre of my favorite Redskins fans, who are suddenly feeling optimistic about life, joy and the 2011 season.

But even before that game kicked off, and Beck began his Redskins tenure with a 148 percent completion percentage, Chris Cooley was already ramping up the rhetoric to yet another level. Cooley didn’t play that night, of course, but he joined the parade of radio optimism in a Friday morning appearance on 106.7 The Fan.

This came after he was asked about the non-Portis, non-Haynesworth, non-McNabb Redskins.

“Our dynamic is so different, not only because you’re lacking some of the characters that we’ve had in the locker room, but because it’s so fresh,” the tight end said. “You have so many new guys that are coming together right now, competing, want to be a part of this team, want to fight for a job. I mean, friendships are being made, but it isn’t there yet, so it’s such a work environment.

“And something I told my wife the other day was that this is the best team that I’ve been around since I’ve been here. This is the team that I can see working the hardest, that’s most business-like, that cares the most about being a good football team and nothing else.”

He was here interrupted so that the Junkies could say wow, and could also ask if he meant the talent was good or just the attitude.

“It’s tough to rank it in terms of talent, because the way I look at it is Mike’s brought in guys that fit his system,” Cooley said. “You can’t go out and say that we acquired players like the Philadelphia Eagles did, but what we did and what we hope we did was acquire players that fit the system and can play for us. And if we go out and prove that, then you’re gonna say this is an extremely talented team.

“Right now you’re not gonna blow anybody on paper away, but when you look at the way guys can play together and work together in a scheme, that’s when you say they’re very talented. It proves over a lot of teams that a few huge talented names aren’t the guys that’re gonna win. I mean, it’s ultimately a team thing. If you can get everyone doing what they’re supposed to do -- no one has to do anything that special -- but if everyone does what they’re supposed to do, you’re so good, so much better, and that’s the cool thing about football.”

And if he was saying that BEFORE John Beck went all Steve Young on the Colts, I can’t imagine what Cooley was thinking Friday night. Probably making Indy hotel reservations for February, like everyone else.