But he will not do that, and so, for example, he recently said that he always plays hard because he’s a role model to his children. And that he “should have just trusted myself” and signed with his first choice, the Bucs, instead of the Redskins. And that playing well in his Tampa debut didn’t do anything for his confidence, “because I know what kind of player I was.” And that “it was hard to get into a rhythm” when he wasn’t getting a lot of playing time. And on and on.

So, after calling him a “fat turd” and a “piece of garbage” on Monday, 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes asked guest Chris Cooley about Haynesworth’s recent resurgence, or whatever.

“I’ve tried my best to try to find the positive situation in a lot of things,” Cooley began cautiously. “He’s a tremendous football player when he wants to be a tremendous football player. He should have been for us. He should have showed up, and he should have played for us. And that’s unfortunate, and it hurt us. It hurt us to pay that guy that much money and to count on a guy like that, who can have a HUGE impact defensively.

“The thing that I would think about Albert the way his last three years have played out, is that he hates football. I’m not criticizing his character or his work or anything. My only assumption in this — and it’s just an opinion — is that he does not like football, by what I’ve seen over the last three years. If he loved the game of football, he’d show up and love it.

“And I don’t want that to sound terrible. That’s what I think. Because I’ve had one-on-one conversations with him, and he’s a smart guy, and I’ve actually enjoyed talking to him. I just don’t think that he loves football. I [didn’t] want to talk to him about the way he’s playing football. I’d talk to him about cars and boats and stuff.”