Chris Cooley has been providing injury updates during his twice-weekly appearances on 106.7 The Fan this summer, but apparently that practice must now end.

“Our injury statuses are now referred to Coach Shanahan,” Cooley told the Junkies Friday morning.

Still, Jason Bishop came up with a way around the prohibition by asking whether he should start Cooley in fantasy.

“How much do you like me?” Cooley asked. “If you consider me your friend, you should probably just have faith and keep me in.”

Would take a pretty bad friend to lead a friend astray on something as important as this, so I’d argue it augers well for Cooley’s chances on Sunday.

In other Cooley news, he is one of the players in possession of commemorative Reebok 9/11 tribute gear that the NFL will reportedly fine players for wearing.

And in other Cooley news, the Junkies asked him about the recent burglary of his Leesburg pottery shop.

“The deal was that he smashed through the front door,” Cooley said. “I guess he was intoxicated. Left blood all over the gallery.  He went in and took a computer and the cash register. Left fingerprints everywhere. He figured out the computer was just a computer and not a safe or something, so he smashed that and left it, then walked out the back alley way,  made his way to the front steps of court house in Leesburg, which has the only video surveillance in the area. Sits down, smashes the cash register. It takes him six times while he’s seated. Before he gets all the money picked up, he passes out. [Sleeps it off] for about 15 minutes. Continues to pick up the money, left some of the change, left all the debris and stumbles off.”

(First transcribed at Hogs Haven.)