1) Cooley is, by many miles, the best current sports radio guest in the D.C. market.

2) Cooley, more than any other local sports figure with the possible exception of Ben Olsen, is actually one of us. A guy who lives in Washington, and loves Washington, and reacts to national sports stories the way a typical Washington fan would.

3) Maybe I’ll get some internet traffic today.

I did not, however, guess that Cooley’s comments would soon land on Yahoo! Sports, ESPN.com, NFL.com, Pro Football Talk, SI.com, every Dallas media outlet, ESPN’s First Take, ESPN’s Jim Rome Is Burning, WFAN, The Huffington Post, USAToday.com, and who knows where else.

Nor that, as of Wednesday morning, Cooley would find himself No. 1 on Google’s “Hot Searches” category.

Nor that people would then line up to take shots at Cooley.

Video Q&A: Wednesday, 2 p.m.

"Should Chris Cooley keep his mouth shut?"

Dan Steinberg

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Boomer Esiason, on WFAN: “The guy (Romo) now has played in three games in which he’s had to take, I think, either six or seven numbing shots to go out there on the field and play. Now, whether or not I think that’s the correct thing to do, or whatever, notwithstanding. When you think about that for one moment, what he’s done for his football team — for a guy like Chris Cooley to mouth off like that, he’s an idiot.”

Jim Rome, on Rome Is Burning: “Now Redskins tight end Chris Cooley is getting in line to kick [Romo] while he’s down....I haven’t seen him this fired up since the last Quiet Riot album dropped and he slammed it into his tape deck. Incredible. He wants to choke out the choker. Welcome back, Christopher. You have been missed. You need a JRIB run, my man. C’mon feel the noise, girls rock your boys, get at us STAT.”

Dan Graziano, ESPN.com: “Cooley likes to talk a lot, and say and write outrageous things. And someday that's liable to land him a spot on one of those studio shows like Deion. But for now, while he's still playing in the same league as Romo, it's flat-out wrong for him to have said what he said. When someone like me criticizes an NFL player, other NFL players will often chide me for not knowing how hard it is to do what the player was trying to do. Cooley should know better, and he really should apologize.”