He discussed this issue at length during Monday’s LaVar and Dukes show, and it’s worth noting that his tone was jovial and jokey throughout. It’s an hour-long weekly commitment; dude has to talk about something. But still, I think there was some truth in here, starting when LaVar asked Cooley about being a bigger part of the offense.

“LaVar, you are asking my question of the day,” Cooley said. “It’s tough for me to not be a productive part of this offense. I’ve had so many catches and I’ve been able to be more of a part of the offense in the pass game my whole career.

“And I’ll do whatever they want me to do. I mean, I’ll go in and play fullback. I’ll act like I like it, but I don’t really like it. I mean, I want to go run routes, and that’s obvious; that’s stating the obvious. But I guess it’s just gonna have to be more and more of a confidence level between the two of us. [Rex Grossman and I] both feel confident in what we can do as players, but it’s just gonna have to develop throughout the season. It’s not quite there yet that we’re gonna call plays or call a gameplan based on getting tight ends the football. We haven’t done that yet.  

“It’s not costing us games, so I’m not gonna go in there and have a fit. I would like to be a guy that’s getting the ball. Fred [Davis] would absolutely love to catch eight balls a game. But as of now, we’re just gonna execute what we’re supposed to do. I mean, ultimately it comes down to we’re gonna show up and work, and I think that’s a good thing for the team.”

Cooley went on to say that “right now, I’m probably the highest paid fullback in the league,” that “Kerrigan has more touchdowns” and that Grossman “did complete more passes to the Rams than to me, but that’s not here or there. I’m sorry, it was just a fact.” He was joking, he was joking. But still.

“We have the plays in our offense to throw the ball to the tight end,” he said. “We practice them. They’re there....As far as the playcalls went, we have not called those plays....[Sunday] night we got back to the facility and I was talking to Kyle for a minute, and I said do you know that aside from the play pass and the fullback stuff, I ran two routes. I mean, I’m not even telling you guys that I’m mad, I’m not telling you that I’m frustrated. Would I like to catch 10 balls? Of course. But I would still rather win. I’m just not gonna complain right now, and I’m not complaining by saying I would like more balls. That being said, whatever is called, that’s what I want to do.”

Of course, the seven catches for 66 yards probably frustrates some people more than Cooley, those being his fantasy football owners, who have taken to Twitter to criticize him after recent games.

“So many people are mad about my fantasy performance, and everyone gets on Twitter and talks about how bad I suck,” Cooley said. “Well you know what? You suck at fantasy football, because obviously I’m not getting many yards. It’s the fourth week, let’s make an adjustment. New tight end time.”