I guess the Redskins releasing Chris Cooley today makes this the day we all share our favorite Cooley moments. My favorite Cooley moment came before I ever had the privilege of covering him as a member of the D.C. media.

For our wedding two years ago, I wanted to surprise my soon-to-be-husband with some video greetings from his favorite athletes offering marriage advice. With the help of my friends at Mr. Irrelevant, I reached out to Cooley to see if he would be willing to give up a few seconds of his time to help out. He graciously agreed, and what came back was so in­cred­ibly Cooley. The back deck in summer, the red wine, the marriage advice. I’m willing to bet that the final product was the eight or ninth version. I would give anything to see the outtakes.

This video was played at our rehearsal dinner, right in the middle of the obligatory and boring bride and groom slideshow. His wedding advice in the end made half of our family laugh and the other half gasp, which I suppose describes most things Cooley.

Cover your ears in the end if suggestive language bothers you.