Little did I know, when I pledged long ago to transcribe every radio interview I could find on the possibility of Peyton Manning winding up in D.C., that my work would create more work. It has become a self-fulfilling obsession, in which one radio interview transcription actually forces another.

See, it was last week that Joe Theismann called Manning-to-the-Skins a “horrific idea,” but that quote really got some traction after I transcribed it this week. So then on Thursday, Chris Mortensen was on ESPN Radio, and he was talking about Peyton Manning, if you can believe it, and the Redskins came up.

“I still think the Dolphins and the Redskins will be the top two teams,” Mort said.

And so he was then of course asked about Theismann’s “horrific idea” argument.

“Well, I love Joe, but I think that’s just silly,” Mortensen said. “I mean, if we were in the same room, I’m sure we’d have this debate anyway. Why would that be a horrific idea? I think he alluded to that being a band-aid. Well, listen, they need to win. They’re in a very competitive division in the NFC East. And if you’ve got Mike Shanahan, who’s an offensive mind that certainly Peyton Manning would have high regard for, and you’ve got an owner who will go out and get players around you, two or three more players....

“I do think that Peyton’s next contract is not gonna be about can I be paid like Alex Rodriguez, I think it’s gonna be more about is this next team going to be good enough for me to go win. And by the way, the Redskins beat the Giants twice this year. So I don’t think that’s a horrific idea. I mean, I thought the Redskins should have drafted a quarterback last year. But if Peyton Manning’s coming back and playing, it’s going to be because he feels he can come back and play for the next three to five years. Who worries beyond that?”


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