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Here’s another one, from Chris Mortensen’s appearance Thursday morning on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike. Mort began by arguing that the overwhelming likelihood is that Manning would be available as a free agent, and not via trade.

“Now, if Peyton wanted to be a ‘good guy’ and say all right, I’ll renegotiate my contract and move the date for the option past the trade deadline so we can all make a clear decision, he could do that,” Mortensen explained. “But Peyton Manning, as sentimental as he is about the Colts — and he is, certainly — is also a pretty smart businessman. And you would certainly rather be a free agent than be traded. And why would you want to go get traded to a team that would have to give up first-round draft picks and more, a team that you want to go with a Super Bowl with?”

“So, if we’re speculating, which we are, then speculate what team would be that team?” Mortensen was then asked. “I mean, what team do you think has the financial capabilities and the desire to go get a Peyton Manning if he became available?”

[Fun part to follow.]

“Ok, remember, we said that there’s still a big question mark of health,” Mortensen said.k “That’s something that nobody can speak to at this point. But if there’s a reasonable assurance that Peyton’s gonna be healthy, then who’s not gonna line up? The Washington Redskins are one obvious team. That’s unquestioned.

“You know, the Miami Dolphins would be another obvious team. Let’s see how the Jets finish and Mark Sanchez finishes down the stretch. I think Sanchez has a tendency to play very well late in seasons. But if for some reason, he really flops, then am I ruling out the Jets? The answer’s no. But I wouldn’t emphasize them. The Redskins would seem to be a clear-cut team, but it is speculative. Everybody’s mentioned how speculative it is, because of the uncertainty of Peyton’s health. But I do not believe that Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck will be on the same roster next year.”

Could “radio interviews with Manning to D.C. speculation” be the new “radio interviews ripping Albert Haynesworth?” Stay tuned!


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