In possibly the best development out of the Redskins good times players-only media-spectacle practice extravaganza, ESPN 980’s Chris Russell won $1,000 for charity by running the 40 in a breezy 8.2 seconds.

The back story, via 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen: Anthony Armstrong previously challenged Russell during the 2010 season, saying if the sturdy radio reporter could run the 40 in less than 10 seconds, he’d give a grand to charity.

Russell was asked to finally step up on Thursday, but he did not trust the media members to provide an accurate clock. Leonard Hankerson thus stepped up and volunteered to be the official timer. Other players, including John beck and Chris Wilson, stayed around to watch the challenge unfold.

What no one could have known, of course, is that Russell would lose more than 60 pounds from the time the challenge was made until this week, allowing him to absolutely crush the 10-second mark. Then the reaction poured in on Twitter.

“8.2/40 that is pretty good! We will discuss!” Russell wrote.

“congrats are in order! I knew I should of dropped it to 8 when you said you lost 67 lbs,”Armstrong responded.

“I like the form, lets get that 40 under 8 seconds! You can be the first student to my speed school!” Armstrong also wrote.

“This is the greatest thing the Redskins media corps has ever produced,” I thought about writing, but didn’t.

Seriously, congrats to all the Redskins and the media members for a job well done. Another video that includes some player reaction is out there somewhere; this one comes via SB Nation DC.