With the passing of Chuck Brown, D.C. lost a music legend and friend. We also lost someone who loved DMV sports dearly.

He once called his Redskins halftime performance in 2010 a “dream come true.”

“I’ve always been a die-hard Redskins fan,” he said in the press conference announcing the performance. “Through thick and thin, for me it’s the Skins.”

His son, Nekos, played football for Virginia Tech, and another son, Wiley, will be a fifth-year senior linebacker for the Hokies in the fall.

After hearing of his passing, athletes with ties to D.C. took a moment to pay their respects on Twitter.

Waking up to all these texts about Chuck Brown passing away. Sad day in dc! #ripchuckbrown

— Monique Currie (@Mocurrie25) May 16, 2012

@BillRohland HAHAHAHA I remember that...that was the day you became “cool” with me! RIP Chuck Brown

— Lamar Butler (@Butler2two) May 16, 2012

93.9 95.5 and even baltimores 92.3 all playing chuck brown right now in his honor.. #RIPChuckBrown

— Bill Hamid (@BillHamid28) May 16, 2012

Dooo whop dooo whop dooo whop doo whop ##ChuckBrown

— John Vaughn (@Future_SVP) May 16, 2012

RIP to the Godfather of GOGO, Chuck Brown!!

— Nolan D. Smith (@NdotSmitty) May 16, 2012

RIP 2 the great Chuck Brown

— jeff (@unclejeffgreen) May 16, 2012

R.I.P. Chuck BrownPrayers go out to the fam.....

— Macho Harris (@MachoHarris) May 16, 2012

RIP Chuck Brown. We lost a good one but he will never be forgotten. Glad I had the pleasure of meeting him my last ... tmi.me/q51mr

— Phillip Daniels (@PhillipDaniels) May 16, 2012

R.I.P- Chuck Brown.

— Andre Carter (@mr_carter93) May 16, 2012

RIP Go-Go Legend Chuck Brown... Your music inspired an entire city... #RunJoe87

— grant hill (@realgranthill33) May 16, 2012