“I’d get Nekos on the stage, but he didn’t want to get on that mic,” Chuck Brown said in a telephone interview. “He’ll get on that mic now, but he’s got to be in the right mood to get up there. He’s got to have his own little rap. It comes right off the top of his head sometimes.”

Asked about his musical ability, Nekos Brown said, “I could do music myself, but I get stage fright.”

So at an early age, Brown opted for locker rooms instead of recording studios. At age 2, his father said, Brown scampered around trying to play football with the older boys in the neighborhood. He would sometimes attend Washington Redskins games with his father, who said he was also a big football fan.

Nekos now plays for the Arena League Chicago Rush, and he was on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix Thursday afternoon to talk about his father’s passing. The Redskins came up.

“Big-time Redskins fan, man, big-time Redskins fan,” Nekos said. “He would always talk about when the Redskins won the Super Bowl and they beat Denver. His chant that night at the after-party was ELLLLLL-WAY, we got your ass today. That’s what he said he always remembered. He knew a lot of Redskins players, a lot of them. He was a big-time Redskins fan.”

Indeed, Brown talked about this himself during a press conference before his FedEx Field halftime show in 2010, when he was bizarrely asked questions about his set list by Jason Reid.

“I’ve always been a diehard Redskins fan,” Brown said then. “Through thick and thin, for me it’s the Skins.”

At the end of his ESPN 980 interview, which can be heard here, Nekos talked about the response to his father’s death.

 “It’s amazing man, really amazing,” he said. “Growing up with my father, that was dad to us. We didn’t see him as Chuck Brown. That was just our father. Going to shows, and the attention we always got, that was normal. But to see all this outpouring of fans, it’s like a show everywhere. You go anywhere in D.C. right now, everybody’s blasting it. People partying on the streets, especially on his street. It’s a big-time blessing man. I cherish it even more now that he’s gone. We’re definitely at peace with it as a family, because we couldn’t ask for a better man to lead our family.” 


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