(Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

Didier was courting the Tea Party vote back then, so it perhaps should not be a surprise that the former Skins tight end endorsed Ron Paul for President this week.

“I believe the next President of the United States needs to be a defender of America protecting and maintaining her sovereignty, one who understands the worldwide economic crisis we face and first and foremost demonstrates he has America’s interest at heart,” Didier said in a statement distributed by the Paul campaign. “The next president must understand what constitutes a free market, be willing to stand tall against powerful lobbying interests, and have the courage to fight for a sound monetary policy, fiscal sanity, and individual liberty.

“As an American farmer yearning for strong constitutional leadership, I see Ron Paul as a loyal disciple of our founding fathers who gave us the opportunity to experience life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He has displayed integrity and adherence to our Constitution for 30 years. I have found no other presidential candidate so disciplined.”

The release cites both Didier’s political and farming background, and his Redskins credentials, in establishing his bona fides.

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