Portis, in a phone interview with NFL.com, said that after being released by the Redskins in 2011, he struggled with the idea of playing again because he “was heartbroken.” However, he said that he’s regained his passion and wants another shot.

“I’m ready to go back, ready to work things out and I’m open to idea of going out to prove that I can still play,” Portis said. “I just turned 30 and with nine years in the NFL and six 1,000-yard seasons that’s enough right there to show what I can do. I’m just ready to go prove to whatever team that’s ready and willing to open the doors to go out and prove it.”

If that wasn’t enough, Portis also appeared on the TSN sports magazine show “Outside the Lines,” whose Thursday episode was devoted to eccentric athletes. This led, of course, to many questions about Portis’s characters in D.C. (Watch the segment here.)

“When you’re winning, you can pull a lot of things off,” Portis said of those giddy 2005 days. “At the beginning, a lot of guys was against [the costumes]. My teammates, a lot of people really thought it was a distraction, but by the time the end of the season come and we had won six games in a row, everybody in that locker room was bringing in costume apparel.”

Then Portis stuck around for a later interview with Mike Tyson, offering up the first question. (Watch the segment here.)

“Your aggressiveness, do you think you could transition it to the UFC?” Portis asked Tyson. “If UFC would have been in your day, do you think you could have competed in UFC?”

“Yeah, I would have loved to,” Tyson responded. “Yeah, I would have liked something like that. That would have been pretty interesting to me....I don’t know, maybe I would have been a painter or something, but fighting got my interest, so I kind of did well in that particular field. I would like to believe if I had been in UFC I would have did well there.”