(John McDonnell)

Host Kevin Sheehan, you see, asked Cofield how good the Redskins and their defensive unit can be this season. ‘Tis a leading question, but Cofield was happy to be led.

“Top five,” he said, “for sure. Can definitely be a top 5 defense, and I think we’re definitely capable of being a playoff team. All the talent we have from the front to the back, we’ve got a lot of interchangeable pieces, and we’ve got a great coach with a great pedigree in Coach Haslett.

“And I love what I’ve seen out of the offense so far this preseason. The Shanahans got the type of [players] that fit [their] scheme, perfect guys on the O-line, the athletes that we have. Hightower’s come in, and Rex has played well also. It’s exciting. It’s exciting. And I really feel strongly that we should have a good solid year, and we should be a top 5, top 6 defense.”

Cool. Also, he doesn’t sense any management problems in Ashburn.

“I love the way it’s run here,” Cofield said. “Very sharp, first-class organization. There’s a lot of misconceptions because of some of the drama that went on last year. All of it’s been well publicized, but I think Coach Shanahan’s done a great job of getting his guys in that he wants, high-character guys and guys that buy into his system.”