(Yes, I’m trolling.)

“The Redskins I think are a mess,” Cowherd said during his comprehensive early-August NFL predictions, which can be seen here. “Don’t have the adequate skill people, I hate the culture of the football franchise. Redskins at 2-14.”

That makes the Redskins one of three teams Cowherd picked to finish below 5-11: he also has the Bengals and 49ers at 2-14. Of course, it’s worth noting that according to Cowherd’s predictions, NFL teams will finish with a combined record of 268-244 this year, which isn’t technically possible, or close to possible, meaning this was all apparently a joke that has made me waste 13 seconds of my life, which isn’t terribly much of my life, but is enough to make me wish Colin Cowherd be forced to listen to his anti-John Wall rants on an endless loop every night while attempting to sleep. Dude, use a calculator next time.

Anyhow, then there’s King, who filed a video report from Ashburn that largely consisted of shots of the Dulles Toll Road and rain, but also included these spoken words.

“In my opinion, the Washington Redskins, they’re gonna lean on a guy who’s never been a long-term starting quarterback in the NFL,” King said. “His name is John Beck....Mostly been a bench sitter, including last year, when he was the third-string quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

“The one thing about John Beck that has impressed Mike Shanahan and his son Kyle, the offensive coordinator: very good work ethic, is here every day off throwing the ball, lifting weights, doing whatever. Good take-charge guy in the huddle. Very unassuming guy off the field, red haired guy, freckles, does not look like the imposing leader of the Washington Redskins. But I think you’re gonna see Mike Shanahan give John Beck his chance, and I believe as John Beck goes, so go the Washington Redskins in 2011.”

(Photo of Dan Snyder signing autographs at camp via @_JakeRussell.)