I’m sharing this for the simple fact that Colin Cowherd doesn’t think the Redskins will be any better with Robert Griffin III.

On Tuesday, Cowherd was kind enough to shout share his predictions for the 2012 season. When he got to the Redskins it went something like this:

“Redskins will be good eventually, last couple of drafts were interesting, but right now in that division, not enough playmakers and a rookie quarterback. 5-11.”

The rest of the division goes Giants 11-5, Eagles 10-6 and Dallas 9-7.

Let’s remember that last year Cowherd made a bold but incredibly inaccurate 2-14 prediction for the Redskins, an honor he saved for the Browns this year. He also had the league going a combined 268-244, something that Dan pointed out wasn’t possible. Cowherd ended the segment by proving that he has learned a little math since then.

“Thirty-two team, sixteen games, 512 games total, divided by two, that’s 256 wins and 256 losses.”


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