I haven’t thought much of Colin Cowherd since then, but lo and behold, John Wall got ejected from Wednesday night’s game due to an extremely minor tussle with Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Cowherd sprung into action. In the sense that he made borderline stupid remarks just so gullible Web writers like me would again mention his name.

So, here were Cowherd’s comments, after observing that he had watched “John Wall punch somebody for the Miami Heat.”

People think I’m the antagonist with John Wall. Great young talent, goes to the NBA, does the Dougie his first time out, which I thought was pretty repulsive and immature. John Wall has been at times brilliant, at times irrelevant, mostly irrelevant this year.

For the second time this year, he was ejected from a game. Threw a punch last night, although the John Wall fans will say he was provoked. He wasn’t. Miami’s Zydrunas Ilgauskas, like anybody in the NBA, has a right to personal space. You have a right to grab a ball and extend your elbows. That’s all he did.

John Wall, it should be noted, remains a terrific young talent. Ejected twice, high-fived fans on the way out, and I’ll say it again: he’ll make seven All-Star teams to eight, but he’ll always be Marbury over Magic. I still question his leadership. But I’ll say this. he’s fun on this show to discuss.”

I mean, I’m with Cowherd. Any professional athlete who throws an ineffectual punch and then immediately apologizes to his organization will clearly one day wind up eating Vaseline rather than winning NBA titles.

(Via @Sportsyack)