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“Colin Powell was our captain, he gave us a pre-game speech,” Rex Grossman said on ESPN’s SportsCenter Monday morning. “I mean, it was almost overwhelming at times. He got us pumped up, talking about his life history, his battles that he had to face to get where he was. It was a really moving pre-game speech and got everybody fired up.”

Oh, for video of that speech. Also, after that, you sort of have to invite Powell back for the Cardinals game, right? Or at least get some audio.

Also, in case you need your own late-Monday-afternoon hype speech, Grossman is still feeling it.

“We all felt like we were headed in the right direction, but until you go out and get a big victory you don’t know for sure,” Grossman said on ESPN. “But now we know for sure we’re headed in the right direction....

“I don’t see a weakness on our team. Our defense played unbelievable yesterday, our running game has looked good all throughout the preseason. I know our passing game’s coming around, and we played well yesterday. So we’ve got as good a chance as anybody.”

Also, Rich Tandler uncovered this nugget: Grossman just became the first Redskins quarterback to top 300 yards passing three times in a four-game span since Sonny Jurgensen in November of 1969.

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