When Brian Mitchell tried to play the video of Kyle Shanahan’s pre-game pep talk before the Eagles game on B-Mitch Live, the video wouldn’t play. There wasn’t anything there. It was odd.

Mitchell then said he had heard that people at Redskins Park were unhappy with the video’s existence, and that he wasn’t surprised it had been removed.

That seemed like conspiracy talk to me, until a reader pointed out last week that the video had indeed disappeared. If you go to this blog post, for example, the video embed will not play. The pep talk item on the blog of CSN employee Rich Tandler doesn't even exist any more. And I couldn’t find the video on CSNWashington.com. So I asked a CSN spokesman what happened.

“We did remove the video from the website,” he confirmed. “After reviewing it [last] week, management decided to discontinue it out of fairness to the coach and players, since they may not have been aware they were being recorded. We covered the story and used the video several times, so we felt no need to continue featuring it online.”

Well then. I have a great deal of respect for both Comcast SportsNet and CSNWashington.com, and consider both indispensable resources for local sports fans, but I don’t think this will help matters when people wonder if there are any downsides to being the official network of the Redskins. Just my two cents.

If you miss that video, the transcript lives on in my archives, and for now at least, the original video is still on YouTube.