I hadn’t thought much about Mike Shanahan’s hair color until I saw a thread on Extreme Skins, titled “Superficial Observation.”

“This is absolutely superficial, but so what,” the poster wrote. “I think Shanny colored his hair. Am I seeing things?”

A bit of Googling revealed that Westword had once asked a Broncos PR person whether this was the case.

“I had people at training camp say things about his hair, and I feel like I’ve kind of noticed, as we stand and watch practice, that maybe he’s gotten a little shade of gray that wasn’t there before,” the PR guy said in the fall of 2008.

Now, Sally Jenkins has described Shanahan’s hair as “steely.” Rick Reilly once said Shanahan “has hair by Thompson's Water Seal. Romo tried to muss his hair once and broke three of his fingers.” And the Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla once wrote that “His eyes look sharp. His hair stays dark. His belly remains  flat.”

But some of these photos do appear to show various shades of darkness. Is it the camera settings? The angle of the sun? The stress of the moment? Dunno. You can be the judge, I guess.

(Michael Conroy/AP)