My pledge to bring you every talking-head soundbite about Donovan McNabb is such that I will repeat soundbites even when I don’t entirely understand them. This bit of dialog is from Wednesday’s PTI, meaning we’ve had two PTI discussions of McNabb’s future in one week. This isn’t going to get any prettier, people, but I’m doing this for you.

They were playing that fill-in-the-word game, which is called What’s The Word, I believe.

Tony Reali: “Donovan McNabb should feel [blank] about the reported lack of interest in his services?”
Michael Wilbon: “Well, given that people are talking about Matt Hasselbeck, Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer, Marc Bulger, talking about all those guys and where they're gonna wind up, Donovan McNabb should feel MOTIVATED about the lack of interest in his services. Like Donovan McNabb can't play, and play better than some of the guys I just mentioned? Please.
Tim Cowlishaw:” He's better than one of those guys, but I don't think he's as good as Kolb, and I don't think he'd be as good, maybe, in certain situations, as Hasselbeck. I think he should feel Shanahanized, a little bit, because of what happened last year.”
Wilbon: “That's legit, that's legit.”
Cowlishaw: “People look at that film, they wonder where'd he go? Rex Grossman’s playing in these games.”
Wilbon: “Kolb’s done what in his career so far? A projection still. I like him, I’d like to have him.”