“Even hip surgery can’t stop me from rockin the red!” he wrote when he posted the above image.

“Got to go home early to watch the big game and can’t wait,” he wrote before Game 6. “OV is going to deliver a sweet game and thanks for all your well wishes.”

“I am taking a nap soon to get ready for the big tilt tonight!” he wrote Saturday morning. “Caps work ethic will get them to the next round .I am big time confident!”

And then there was Locker’s Friday appearance on Mike Wise’s radio show on 106.7 The Fan. It might sound familiar.

Adrian/Locker: There’s one thing I want you/the Caps to do for me.

Rocky/Wise: What?

Adrian/Locker: Win! WIN!!!

Mick/Wise: What are we waiting for?!?!?!

Audio below.