(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

For those fans — fans who might have missed the Comcast SportsNet post-game show — I thus present a few of the highlights. The gents in suits seemed as frustrated as you are, for the record.

Al Koken: They are now in a 3-games-to-none crater, and I don’t know if they’re gonna be able to climb out of this one. You know, we call this show Caps PGL. I think sometimes lately it’s been Caps CSI, a Crime Scene Investigation. I’ll let you be the coroner.

Alan May: Mental mistakes. That was all the third period was all about, mental mistakes and the Caps refusing to shoot the puck at the net. They went at one point 15 minutes without a shot on net. They were outshot in the third period, 15-5. Poor shot selection. I thought their power play still lacked focus. They weren’t getting the puck low, they weren’t jamming it to the net. I didn’t see enough physical commitment on the boards in their own end. Giveaway after giveaway by the forwards on the boards. Blown coverages by their defensemen. A lot of mental mistakes cost the Capitals dearly tonight, and that’s why they’re down 0-3.

Joe Beninati: Just not getting enough from Nicklas Backstrom right now, not getting enough from Alex Semin right now. And it just feels, with a 3-games-to-none deficit, you feel embarrassed for Washington to have this happen to them to a division mate. And I fully expected the Caps to play their best game of the series tonight. I don’t think they did that. They only played two-thirds of the hockey game.

Craig Laughlin: It’s hard to believe they’re in this 3-nothing hole. You look at their lineup compared to Tampa Bay’s....The third period went south. You get five shots, you couldn’t expect to win in the regular season, let alone in the playoffs. All of the sudden, a huge hole. Unexpected. I cannot believe the hole they’re in right now.

Alan May: What do we have to do to get our players to get that puck to the net in the third period and with more urgency, because I’m not seeing enough bodies there?

Craig Laughlin: I just think it takes courage, it takes drive, it takes passion to get to the net, to get to the hard areas....They’ve all got to buy in. Sixty minutes wins you playoff hockey games. They have not put together 60 minutes, and that’s why they’re behind the 8-ball.

Joe Beninati: No, they’ve been dreadful in the third period. They were dreadful tonight in the third period, and were it not for Michal Neuvirth, they would have been run out of this barn badly.