“The guy is a putz, everything has transpired on an internet blog for the washington post,” one of the fans wrote. “The writer proved himself to be quite ignorant and his irrelevant little blog saw 10 times its normal traffic for two days.”

Ha! I wish. Just to educate the Aggies fans how things work around here: Anything that I write that isn’t about the Redskins is just out of boredom and vanity. If I want traffic, I write about the Redskins. So no, my blog did not see 10 times its normal traffic when I was writing about Texas A&M.

Let’s get more specific: On the day I posted the item about D.C. United and the 12th Man, my most-read blog item was about a Redskin fan using his Maryland license plate to insult the Cowboys. My next-most-read item was about Robert Griffin III’s jersey sales. Combined, those two items on that day had 435 percent more page views than the Texas A&M item.

Which is why I will now merge license plate page views and RGIII page views into yet another item about RGIII vehicles.

Because heck, fans seem to have moved on from customizing their license plates in honor of RGIII to customizing their whole vehicles.

So here we have the RGIIIBaby-Mobile, with a matching license plate, below. Further down, there’s the RGIII Work Van, which will presumably repair your damaged fandom, if necessary.

And as long as I’m doing all this, see also the amazing Rex Grossman homage, and an RGIII Adidas shirt that was displayed in the front window of the Times Square Foot Locker over the weekend.

(Thanks to @recordsandradio, @dduggs11, @parasonic23, @chilin_lad and @john_keim for the images.)