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Earnhardt, who is a die-hard Redskins fan, shared some thoughts that we’ll add to our growing pile of RGIII opinions.

“I’ll be honest, it’ll be hard to expect him to match what Cam Newton did last season, but I expect him to be consistent and put up great numbers every week. I think he’ll come right out of the box. He’s got a good receiving corps. Hopefully they’ve done enough on the offensive line to protect him and give him the chance to throw the ball and get the ball downfield. But everybody, all the Redskins fans especially, are going to be watching every single preseason game looking for, you know, glimpses of hope in every throw he makes and every pass he makes. It’s going to be exciting and I’ll be waiting for fantasy football to crank up and looking forward to a good season from the Redskins.”

Apparently, Earnhardt is in five fantasy football leagues, and he plans to draft RGIII in at least one of them.

“If I get a chance to draft him, I definitely will,” he said when asked if RGIII was worth a pick. “I’ve never really had a lot of Redskins players on my fantasy teams, but I figure this year I might go for broke, roll the dice and take a lot of risky picks.”

ESPN fantasy sports analyst Matthew Berry chimed in on the interview with his opinion that RGIII is a top 15 fantasy quarterback.

“Keep in mind the Redskins offense, Rex Grossman threw for over 3,000 yards last year in basically twelve and a half games with all those turnovers. They’ve upgraded the receiving corps, so I think a Shanahan offense plays into Robert Griffin III’s strengths, plus his rushing. Remember over 30 rushing touchdowns for RGIII in college. I don’t think he tops Cam Newton’s rookie year, but he’s certainly a fantasy sleeper this year, a top 15 fantasy football quarterback.”

Write that down. RGIII is somewhere between Cam Newton and Rex Grossman and a top 15 fantasy quarterback.