(Via @FrontPageVa.)

But Hunter isn’t Riggleman, not least because he doesn’t have the Montgomery County roots that would prompt a trip to a place like Caddies.

In fact, I didn’t see any photos of Hunter out at any local eateries, or any local drinkeries, on Monday night. But Tuesday, 24 hours later, he and assistant coach Jim Johnson stopped in at Front Page, the Ballston bar that often hosts Caps players, coaches, fans and bloggers.

“WOW Coach Hunter and Johnson just got a standing ovation as they left!” the person manning the bar’s Twitter account later wrote. “It was awesome.”

“Dale Hunter got a standing ovation/applause city upon leaving the bar,” wrote a Penguins fan who happened to be eating dinner in Front Page.

And no, there were no Riggleman-like photos of Hunter posing with any young ladies from the area. But the bar did post this photo of the ex-coach with the restaurant’s owner and a couple staffers. Also, he appeared to be drinking red wine, if I’m reading this pic correctly. Would have figured him for a Labatt’s guy.