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Shariff grew up on the Eastern Shore, went to American, interned for George Michael and previously worked at Washington’s 106.7 The Fan. He’s also a lifelong Redskins fan.

So after RGIII’s impressive Sunday debut, Shariff allowed himself one moment of glory, playing “Hail to the Redskins” during his show on Monday. (Well, two moments of glory — he actually played the fight song twice on Monday.) He did so again on Tuesday, during Jones’s session.

“Sing it with me Jerry, c’mon!” Shariff requested.

“Terrible,” his co-host, Jasmine Sadry, said. “You’re alone, son, you’re alone.”

“What do you think, Jerry?” Shariff asked. “Couldn’t I do that yesterday on the home of the Cowboys? Isn’t that justifiable for one day?”

“Well let me just say this: You’ve lived up to your expectations of competence and mental health,” Jones said.

“Jerry just called you an idiot!” Sadry said.

“He is an idiot, I agree with you,” Jones said.

Maybe so, but he made a whole bunch of Redskins fans very proud.

“I mean, I’m sure I feel like every Redskins fan in D.C.,” Shariff later told me. “Like you’ve finally found your true love. It’s the morning after. You’re giddy. We’ve finally found it, the search is done. So yeah, I had to celebrate.”

Shariff hasn’t made an secret of his Washington roots, leading some Dallas fans to call for his job. But he said the Cowboys players and staffers he’s dealt with are extremely helpful and likable, and he thinks he covers the team fairly. Still, this was a special week.

“I was just giddy and overflowing with joy,” he said. “I couldn’t contain it. I couldn’t.”

I mentioned this earlier, but Jones was also asked about Robert Griffin III’s debut during this segment.

“Well, I was very impressed, and he certainly showed a lot of poise,” Jones said. “They had him gameplanned really well, to do the kinds of things that he does good. And his athletic ability, his speed, all of that is something that I don’t look forward to the Cowboys competing against for a lot of years....

“As we look ahead here, the Redskins have needed a quarterback for a long time,” he continued. “They have an outstanding defense. Their defense last year almost got us two times without really acceptable quarterbacking, so they’re going to be improved.”

And Jones was also asked how much trash talking Daniel Snyder will do now that he has a franchise quarterback.

“I don’t know about that, I don’t give him much opportunity to trash talk me,” Jones said. “These things do hang up, don’t they, these phones? And of course he wouldn’t do that [in person], I know.”