If you were awake and on the Internet Friday night, or listening to the radio, or walking down random streets in Washington, you probably realized pretty quickly that D.C. sports fans were excited about Robert Griffin III. I don’t recall such Redskins-related elation since I started my blog, and that would include the 2007 playoff run.

Well, it turns out Redskins fans weren’t the only ones celebrating. The Redskins’ brain trust was also living it up. Not just on the Internet, either.

Via Adam Schefter:

The March night when the Redskins agreed to send three first-round picks and a second-round pick to St. Louis for the right to go up to No. 2 in the draft and select Robert Griffin III, Washington’s brain trust celebrated in a style that was beyond grand. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder boarded his private plane with general manager Bruce Allen and head coach Mike Shanahan, and the men flew to the Bahamas to celebrate their franchise-altering acquisition. The men spent the weekend toasting their trade, playing golf and celebrating a deal that neither Cleveland nor Miami could get done....When word of the Redskins’ weekend trip to the Bahamas filtered back to St. Louis last winter, Rams officials kiddingly wondered out loud, “They’re celebrating? Maybe we didn’t get enough.”

Yeah, maybe not. And even if you got more, I bet you wouldn’t have flown to the Bahamas to celebrate. The whole thing calls to mind another famous late-night plane ride involving Snyder and Shanahan. Via Mike Wise:

While watching NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” game between the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts, the four men drank glasses of Sassicaia, a bold Tuscan red that is a Snyder favorite, those who were present said. They added that Snyder eventually graduated to Crown Royal. Finally, Snyder turned to the others. “Let’s go get Mike Shanahan,” he said.

I gotta get an airplane. Or at least a yacht.

(Via @GoodmanHarrison)


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