Fun story in Peter King’s column this week about Dan Snyder doing a radio interview over the weekend. In this Sirius interview, Snyder apparently said the Redskins had a deal in place to trade their first-round pick to the Steelers before Pittsburgh backed out.

King went through the story and what it means for more than 300 words. Which led to an item on Pro Football Talk which claimed Snyder’s words “call into question the true extent of the franchise’s love for eventual 16th overall pick Ryan Kerrigan.” And then came a tweet from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, which also passed along this interesting scoop.

Except both Sirius and the Redskins told me that Snyder did not appear on any Sirius radio programs over the weekend, or at any other recent time. In fact, Snyder has not done any radio interviews since Super Bowl week. Also, the Steelers never called the Redskins about any trade, according to a Redskins spokesman.

And so, please ignore both of these stories, and carry on with your lives.

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