The end of Dave Feldman’s interview with Dan Snyder focused on the offbeat: the owner’s favorite bands (the Stones and U2), favorite movie (N/A), favorite pastime (spending time with family), and so on. Then there was this.

“What would be a surprising thing about Dan Snyder that the fans might not know that you don’t mind them knowing?” Feldman asked.

“Probably that I’m a prankster,” Snyder said. “I think that people don’t know me, and [PR honcho] Tony Wyllie has gotten a chance to know me now for about a year-and-a-half since he took over communications. He is shocked by the amount of jokes and things we do to people around here, and it’s just fun.”

Pranks, like lighting peoples’ shoes on fire, Feldman asked?

“Not that drastic with fires, but more just normal-type pranks that you just pull on people,” Snyder said. “They believe something, they go drive somewhere and the party’s not there. Just stuff that we like to horse around a bunch. And we have a lot of fun. I had that with Joe Gibbs here, and I’m having that again with Mike Shanahan.”

I like having a lot of fun, too. For more fun, see the #DanSnyderPranks hashtag on Twitter.