Neither is it a secret that Mike Shanahan is a Republican supporter; he has a long history with the Bush family, for example.

And it probably isn’t surprising that Bruce Allen would support George Allen for the U.S. Senate, since they’re, you know, brothers and stuff.

Put it all together, and you have this June fundraiser for Allen’s Senatorial campaign, which lists Snyder, Shanahan and Larry Michael among its host committee members.

The invitation is, obviously, football-themed; in addition to the “Hail VICTORY!!” headline, the event is preceded by a “Gridiron Reception,” and sponsors are awarded football honorifics. For $150, you can be a “Tailgater,” for $2,500 a “12th Man Sponsor,” for $10,000 a “Touchdown Sponsor” and for $20,000 a “Super Bowl Sponsor.”

Casual attire, if you were wondering. I think a Robert Griffin III jersey would be okay.