Maybe this hasn’t been the greatest few weeks of publicity in world history for Daniel Snyder, but he finally got some nice press this week.

Snyder is in New Orleans for the NFL owners meetings, where he ran into a couple NFL scribes at the the Old Absinthe on Bourbon Street. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette was one of them, and he wrote about the experience on his blog:

I saw Tony Wylie, former PR man in Tennessee and Houston Texans and now has a fancier title with the Redskins. We greeted each other and then Tony said he wanted to introduce me to someone. Daniel Snyder, owner of the Redskins. He might have been about the last fellow I thought I’d see in the Old Absinthe bar on Bourbon Street but there he was, dressed in a suit and seemingly having a good time. I said it was good to meet you, Mr. Snyder. “Dan,’’ he said. We had a nice chat and Bruce Allen, of course, brought up Bob Buckowski, the old Pitt and Gateway High defensive lineman who was a No. 1 pick of the Oakland Raiders. Allen also worked for the Raiders among several other teams, including one in the old USFL.

Allen bought us a beer and we chatted for awhile and then the trio were off to another joint on Bourbon. Snyder was letting his hair down.

It’s hard getting a lasting impression from someone after 10, 15 minutes of talking in a bar but Snyder seemed like a good egg, at least last night.

I guess we’re not supposed to pay for news, but I’ll offer at least $3 to anyone who can produce a photo of Snyder letting his hair down on Bourbon Street.

(Note: I won’t really offer $3 to anyone who can produce a photo of Snyder letting his hair down on Bourbon Street.)